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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Player Team NameDraft Year Rank Note Link
1 ballo bos 2019Boston Bruins
1 ballo buf 2019Buffalo Sabres
1 ballo car 2019Caroline Hurricanes
1 ballo chi 2019Chicago Blackhawks
1 ballo clb 2019Columbus Blue Jackets
1 ballo dal 2019Dallas Stars
1 ballo det 2019Detroit Red Wings
1 ballo edm 2019Edmonton Oilers
1 ballo flo 2019Floride Panthers
1 ballo isl 2019New York Islanders
1 ballo la 2019Los Angeles Kings
1 ballo min 2019Minnesota Wild
1 ballo mtl 2018Montreal Canadiens
1 ballo nj 2019New Jersey Devils
1 ballo ny 2019New York Rangers
1 ballo ott 2019Ottawa Senators
1 ballo phi 2019Philadelphie Flyers
1 ballo pit 2019Pittsburgh Penguins
1 ballo sj 2019New York Rangers
1 ballo stl 2019Saint-Louis Blues
1 ballo tor 2019Toronto Maple Leafs
1 ballo van 2019Vancouver Canucks
1 ballo win 2019Winnipeg Jets
2 ballo bos 2019Boston Bruins
2 ballo buf 2019Buffalo Sabres
2 ballo car 2019Caroline Hurricanes
2 ballo chi 2019Chicago Blackhawks
2 ballo clb 2019Columbus Blue Jackets
2 ballo dal 2019Dallas Stars
2 ballo det 2019Detroit Red Wings
2 ballo edm 2019Edmonton Oilers
2 ballo flo 2019Floride Panthers
2 ballo isl 2019New York Islanders
2 ballo la 2019Los Angeles Kings
2 ballo min 2019Minnesota Wild
2 ballo mtl 2018Montreal Canadiens
2 ballo nj 2019New Jersey Devils
2 ballo ny 2019New York Rangers
2 ballo ott 2019Ottawa Senators
2 ballo phi 2019Philadelphie Flyers
2 ballo pit 2019Pittsburgh Penguins
2 ballo sj 2019San Jose Sharks
2 ballo stl 2019Saint-Louis Blues
2 ballo tor 2019Toronto Maple Leafs
2 ballo van 2019Vancouver Canucks
2 ballo win 2019Winnipeg Jets
Aarne TalvitteDetroit Red Wings2017176
Aaron HaydenCaroline Hurricanes
Adam BoqvistLos Angeles Kings20187
Adam BrooksDetroit Red Wings
Adam FoxWinnipeg Jets
Adam HelewkaNew York Rangers
Adam HuskaChicago Blackhawks
Adam MascherinBoston Bruins
Adam PardyPhiladelphie Flyers
Adam RuzickaPittsburgh Penguins201798
Adam TambelliniPittsburgh Penguins
Adam WernerWinnipeg Jets
Aidan DudasCaroline Hurricanes2018113
Akil ThomasDallas Stars201840
Alban ErikssonOttawa Senators201868
Alec DillonVancouver Canucks
Alec RegulaMontreal Canadiens201865
Aleksi HeponiemiDallas Stars201749
Aleksi MakelaBuffalo Sabres
Aleksi SaarelaArizona Coyotes
Ales StezkaDetroit Red Wings
Alex DostieOttawa Senators
Alex GrenierOttawa Senators
Alex Kannok-LeipertPhiladelphie Flyers2018172
Alex LintuniemiLos Angeles Kings
Alex SchoenbornSan Jose Sharks
Alexander AlexeyevMinnesota Wild201825
Alexander BurmistrovSan Jose Sharks
Alexander BélangerPhiladelphie Flyers
Alexander DelnovMinnesota Wild
Alexander DergachyovVancouver Canucks
Alexander KadeykinSan Jose Sharks
Alexander KhokhlachevVancouver Canucks
Alexander KhovanovPittsburgh Penguins2018104
Alexander PechurskiDetroit Red Wings
Alexander PetersPittsburgh Penguins
Alexander RomanovVegas Golden Knights
Alexander SulzerVancouver Canucks
Alexander VolkovVegas Golden Knights
Alexandre TexierNew Jersey Devils201758
Alexei EmelinSan Jose Sharks
Alexei LipanovNew York Rangers201761
Alexei ToropchenkoNew York Rangers201774
Alexey MarchenkoSan Jose Sharks
Alexis GravelPittsburgh Penguins2018129
Alexis PépinDetroit Red Wings
Alexis VanierDetroit Red Wings
Allan McShaneDetroit Red Wings201898
Anatoli GolyshevArizona Coyotes
Andong SongNew York Islanders
Andre BenoitVancouver Canucks
Andre PeterssonFloride Panthers
Andreas BorgmanWashington Capitals
Andreas NodlVancouver Canucks
Andrei AltybarmakyanFloride Panthers201782
Andrei LoktionovSaint-Louis Blues
Andrei MarkovMinnesota Wild
Andrei MironovLos Angeles Kings
Andrei SvechnikovPittsburgh Penguins20182
Andrei SvetlakovOttawa Senators2017191
Andrej NestrasilSan Jose Sharks
Andrew DesjardinsSaint-Louis Blues
Andrew MacWilliamChicago Blackhawks
Andrew MillerMinnesota Wild
Andrew NielsenNew Jersey Devils
Andrew PeekeChicago Blackhawks
Andrey MakarovMontreal Canadiens
Andrey PedanNew Jersey Devils
Andy MieleMinnesota Wild
Angus CrookshankChicago Blackhawks2018147
Anthony AngeloOttawa Senators
Anthony LouisWinnipeg Jets
Anthony RichardChicago Blackhawks
Anthony SalinitriMontreal Canadiens
Antoine MorandNew York Rangers201759
Antoine VermetteBuffalo Sabres
Anton AnderssonCaroline Hurricanes2017184
Anton CederholmVancouver Canucks
Anton KlementyevCaroline Hurricanes
Anton RodinMinnesota Wild
Anton SlepyshevCaroline Hurricanes
Anton VolchenkovSan Jose Sharks
Arnaud DurandeauOttawa Senators2017161
Artem ManukyanColumbus Blue Jackets2018145
Artur GavrusPhiladelphie Flyers
Artur KayumovLos Angeles Kings
Arturs KuldaVancouver Canucks
Arvid HenriksonDetroit Red Wings
Arvid HolmNew Jersey Devils2017155
Austin OsmanskiSaint-Louis Blues
Austin PoganskiDetroit Red Wings
Austin WagnerWinnipeg Jets
Austin WongDallas Stars2018212
Austin WuthrichBuffalo Sabres
Axel HolmstromNew York Islanders
Barret JackmanPhiladelphie Flyers
Barrett HaytonTampa Bay Lightning
Beau BennettWinnipeg Jets
Ben BetkerSaint-Louis Blues
Ben FinkelsteinColumbus Blue Jackets
Ben JohnsonBuffalo Sabres
Ben JonesWinnipeg Jets2017203
Ben MirageasChicago Blackhawks2017104
Ben ScrivensToronto Maple Leafs
Ben ThomasNew York Islanders
Ben ThomsonNew York Islanders
Benoit PouliotSaint-Louis Blues
Benoit-Olivier GroulxMontreal Canadiens201842
Bill ArnoldWinnipeg Jets
Blade JenkinsVegas Golden Knights
Blake HenrichOttawa Senators
Blake HillmanPhiladelphie Flyers
Blake McLaughlinPittsburgh Penguins201873
Blake SiebenalerPhiladelphie Flyers
Bobby SanguinettiDallas Stars
Bode WildeNew York Rangers201827
Bogdan YakimovVancouver Canucks
Boris KatchoukVancouver Canucks
Boyd GordonCaroline Hurricanes
Brad MorrisonWinnipeg Jets
Brad RichardsSan Jose Sharks
Brad ThiessenLos Angeles Kings
Brady AustinChicago Blackhawks
Brady GilmourMontreal Canadiens2017210
Brady TkachukToronto Maple Leafs20186
Brady VailCaroline Hurricanes
Brandon BolligPhiladelphie Flyers
Brandon CrawleyBuffalo Sabres2017123
Brandon DuhaimeSaint-Louis Blues
Brandon GignacBoston Bruins
Brandon HagelLos Angeles Kings
Brandon HickeySaint-Louis Blues
Brandon KruseColorado Avalanche
Brandon ManningFloride Panthers
Brandon MashinterSan Jose Sharks
Brandon McMillanMontreal Canadiens
Brandon SaigeonFloride Panthers2018152
Braydyn ChizenCaroline Hurricanes
Brendan BurkePittsburgh Penguins
Brendan De JongLos Angeles Kings2017174
Brendan MikkelsonDallas Stars
Brendan ShinniminLos Angeles Kings
Brendan WarrenLos Angeles Kings
Brendan WoodsSan Jose Sharks
Brenden TroockSaint-Louis Blues
Brent MoranOttawa Senators
Brent PedersonPittsburgh Penguins
Brett BellemoreFloride Panthers
Brett BulmerCaroline Hurricanes
Brett HowdenColumbus Blue Jackets201628
Brett McKenzieEdmonton Oilers
Brett MurrayCaroline Hurricanes
Brett PollockDetroit Red Wings
Brett StapleyWinnipeg Jets2018205
Brian FerlinCaroline Hurricanes
Brian FlynnNew York Islanders
Brian GiontaSan Jose Sharks
Brian HartSaint-Louis Blues
Brian StraitNew York Islanders
Britt SeneySaint-Louis Blues
Brody SutterPittsburgh Penguins
Bryan BickellToronto Maple Leafs
Bulat ShafigulinTampa Bay Lightning
Cal FooteNew Jersey Devils201718
Cale FleuryNashville Predators
Cale MakarBoston Bruins201712
Caleb JonesOttawa Senators
Calle AndersenNew York Rangers
Calle SjalinSaint-Louis Blues2017159
Calvin HeeterSaint-Louis Blues
Cam DineenCalgary Flames
Cam HillisBuffalo Sabres201864
Cam MorrisonSaint-Louis Blues
Cameron ClarkeNew Jersey Devils
Cameron CrottyBuffalo Sabres2017110
Cameron DarcyCaroline Hurricanes
Cameron GaunceLos Angeles Kings
Carl KlingbergDallas Stars
Carl NeillChicago Blackhawks
Carlo ColaiacovoFloride Panthers
Carter BancksEdmonton Oilers
Carter HartMinnesota Wild
Carter VerhaegheDetroit Red Wings
Casey BaileyVancouver Canucks
Casey FitzgeraldNew York Rangers
Casey StaumNew Jersey Devils
Cayden PrimeauAnaheim Ducks
Cedric PareWinnipeg Jets2017168
Chad KolarikDallas Stars
Chad KrysBoston Bruins
Chad RauVancouver Canucks
Chandler YakimoviczChicago Blackhawks
Chase LangNew York Rangers
Chase PearsonChicago Blackhawks
Chase PriskieVegas Golden Knights
Chay GenowaySaint-Louis Blues
Chaz ReddekoppMinnesota Wild
Chris BourqueLos Angeles Kings
Chris BrownFloride Panthers
Chris MartenetFloride Panthers
Chris MuellerChicago Blackhawks
Chris NeilBuffalo Sabres
Chris StewartPittsburgh Penguins
Chris SummersEdmonton Oilers
Chris TerryNashville Predators
Chrisiano DigiacintoSaint-Louis Blues
Christian JarosFloride Panthers
Christian KrygierChicago Blackhawks2018209
Christoffer EhnDetroit Red Wings
Christoph BertschyNew York Islanders
Christophe LalancetteNew York Islanders
Christopher BrownMontreal Canadiens
Christopher PaquetteSaint-Louis Blues
Christopher WilkieDetroit Red Wings
Clark BishopEdmonton Oilers
Clark SeymourPhiladelphie Flyers
Clarke MacArthurPittsburgh Penguins
Clay WilsonDallas Stars
Clifford WatsonOttawa Senators
Cody FransonBoston Bruins
Cody GlassNew Jersey Devils20175
Cody HodgsonFloride Panthers
Cody KunykBuffalo Sabres
Cody McCormickPhiladelphie Flyers
Cody PayneBuffalo Sabres
Colby RobakFloride Panthers
Colby WilliamsDallas Stars
Cole CandellaFloride Panthers
Cole FonstadDallas Stars2018105
Cole FraserColumbus Blue Jackets2017134
Cole GuttmanVancouver Canucks2017166
Cole HultsMontreal Canadiens2017150
Cole KrygierSaint-Louis Blues2018217
Cole UllyCaroline Hurricanes
Colin GreeningPhiladelphie Flyers
Collin AdamsDallas Stars
Collin OlsonSaint-Louis Blues
Colton HargroveChicago Blackhawks
Colton PointPittsburgh Penguins
Colton WhiteDetroit Red Wings
Connor AllenFloride Panthers
Connor BleackleyNew Jersey Devils
Connor ChathamOttawa Senators
Connor CliftonDallas Stars
Connor DewarCaroline Hurricanes2018103
Connor HallVancouver Canucks
Connor HurleyChicago Blackhawks
Connor IngramVegas Golden Knights
Connor JonesMontreal Canadiens
Connor KnappPhiladelphie Flyers
Conor GarlandSaint-Louis Blues
Conor TimminsColumbus Blue Jackets201731
Cooper MarodyDetroit Red Wings
Craig WellerDallas Stars
Curtis DouglasVancouver Canucks201893
D'Artagnan JolyPittsburgh Penguins2017151
Dainius ZubrusLos Angeles Kings
Dakota JoshuaPittsburgh Penguins
Dalton ThrowerChicago Blackhawks
Damian GirouxColorado Avalanche
Dan BoyleSan Jose Sharks
Dane BirksNew Jersey Devils
Daniel AltshullerSan Jose Sharks
Daniel AudetteDetroit Red Wings
Daniel BukacDetroit Red Wings2017206
Daniel CarcilloSaint-Louis Blues
Daniel CatenacciEdmonton Oilers
Daniel GunnarssonNew York Islanders
Daniel O'ReganDallas Stars
Daniel SedinDetroit Red Wings
Daniel VladarLos Angeles Kings
Daniel WinnikSan Jose Sharks
Daniil TarasovVancouver Canucks201794
Danny IrmenLos Angeles Kings
Danny SyvretLos Angeles Kings
Dante FabbroWinnipeg Jets201612
Darren DietzToronto Maple Leafs
David BernhardtMinnesota Wild
David BrollToronto Maple Leafs
David CottonFloride Panthers
David DesharnaisSan Jose Sharks
David GustafssonSaint-Louis Blues201862
David HrenakNew Jersey Devils2018159
David KaseFloride Panthers
David MusilPittsburgh Penguins
David NoelOttawa Senators2017131
David PopeNew York Islanders
David QuennevilleColumbus Blue Jackets
David RundbladEdmonton Oilers
David TendeckVancouver Canucks2018184
Davis DrewiskeLos Angeles Kings
Dawson BarteauxNew York Rangers2018156
Dean StewartNew Jersey Devils
Declan ChisholmChicago Blackhawks2018178
Demetrios KoumontzisColumbus Blue Jackets2018117
Denis CholowskiNew York Rangers
Denis SmirnovBoston Bruins2017136
Denis YannWinnipeg Jets
Dennis GilbertVancouver Canucks
Dennis RasmussenMontreal Canadiens
Dennis SeidenbergColumbus Blue Jackets
Dennis WidemanBuffalo Sabres
Derek DorsettToronto Maple Leafs
Derek PeltierDallas Stars
Deven SideroffChicago Blackhawks
Devon ToewsOttawa Senators
Dmitri SamorukovNew Jersey Devils2017106
Dmitriy ZaitsevVancouver Canucks
Dmitro TimashovCalgary Flames
Dmitry KorobovLos Angeles Kings
Dmitry SokolovBoston Bruins
Dmitry ZavgorodniyDallas Stars2018150
Dmitry ZhukenovDallas Stars
Dominic MoorePhiladelphie Flyers
Dominik BokkNew York Rangers201824
Dominik LakatosNew York Islanders2017171
Dominik MasinChicago Blackhawks
Douglas MurrayPhiladelphie Flyers
Doyle SommerbyDetroit Red Wings
Drake RymshaPhiladelphie Flyers2017145
Drew MillerVancouver Canucks
Dustin TokarskiDallas Stars
Dustyn McFaulNew York Rangers2018185
Dwight KingLos Angeles Kings
Dylan FergusonDetroit Red Wings
Dylan LabbeBuffalo Sabres
Dylan McllrathCaroline Hurricanes
Dylan OlsenFloride Panthers
Dylan SadowyBoston Bruins
Dylan SambergWashington Capitals
Dylan WellsOttawa Senators
Dysin MayoNew York Rangers
Eamon McAdamWinnipeg Jets
Eddie LackLos Angeles Kings
Edgars KuldaMinnesota Wild
Eemeli RasanenCaroline Hurricanes201734
Eetu LuostarinenAnaheim Ducks
Eetu MakiniemiLos Angeles Kings2017114
Eetu PakkilaBoston Bruins2018202
EetuTulolaNashville Predators
Elias PetterssonNew York Rangers201711
Elvis MerzlikinsLos Angeles Kings
Emerson EtemLos Angeles Kings
Emil BemstromArizona Coyotes
Emil PetterssonSaint-Louis Blues
Emilio PettersenBoston Bruins2018149
Eric BoultonSan Jose Sharks
Eric CernakBoston Bruins
Eric CornelBoston Bruins
Eric FlorchukVancouver Canucks2018215
Eric GelinasBuffalo Sabres
Eric LockeColumbus Blue Jackets
Eric TangradiEdmonton Oilers
Erik BrannstromNew York Islanders201721
Erik FoleyOttawa Senators
Erik GustafssonNashville Predators
Erik KallgrenDetroit Red Wings
Erik Walli-WalterholmPittsburgh Penguins2017188
Evan BarrattVancouver Canucks201776
Evan BouchardColumbus Blue Jackets20189
Evan CampbellLos Angeles Kings
Evan CormierLos Angeles Kings
Evan CowleyPhiladelphie Flyers
Evan FitzpatrickFloride Panthers
Evan McEnenyDetroit Red Wings
Evan SmithCaroline Hurricanes
Evgeny SvechnikovMinnesota Wild
Fabian ZetterlundNew York Islanders201762
Fabrice HerzogNew York Islanders
Fedor GordeevDetroit Red Wings2017146
Fedor TyutinCaroline Hurricanes
Felix GirardLos Angeles Kings
Felix SandstromPhiladelphie Flyers
Filip AhlNew York Rangers
Filip BerglundNew York Islanders
Filip GustavssonFloride Panthers
Filip HallanderNashville Predators
Filip HeltLos Angeles Kings
Filip HronekLos Angeles Kings
Filip KralPittsburgh Penguins2018135
Filip LarssonBuffalo Sabres
Filip SveningssonPhiladelphie Flyers2017205
Filip WesterlundFloride Panthers201752
Filip ZadinaNew Jersey Devils20183
Francis PerronColorado Avalanche
Francois TremblayMontreal Canadiens
Frededric AllardPittsburgh Penguins
Frederik KarlstromDetroit Red Wings
Frederik OlofssonBoston Bruins
Frederik TiffelsToronto Maple Leafs
Fredrik LarssonFloride Panthers
Gabriel FortierMontreal Canadiens201851
Gabriel GagnéVancouver Canucks
Gabriel Paquin-BoudreauVancouver Canucks
Gabriel VilardiPittsburgh Penguins20178
Garret SparksDetroit Red Wings
Garrett MetcalfNew Jersey Devils
Garrett PilonSaint-Louis Blues
Garrett WilsonNew York Rangers
Gavin HainEdmonton Oilers2018163
German RubtsovWinnipeg Jets201620
Gilles SennBoston Bruins2017132
Giorgio EstephanChicago Blackhawks
Giovanni VallatiVancouver Canucks2018153
Glenn GawdinEdmonton Oilers
Graham KnottPhiladelphie Flyers
Graham McpheeMontreal Canadiens
Grant BeesePhiladelphie Flyers
Grant MismashNew York Rangers201763
Greg NemiszLos Angeles Kings
Gregory CampbellMontreal Canadiens
Gregory ChaseBuffalo Sabres
Griffin ReinhartFloride Panthers
Grigori DenisenkoMontreal Canadiens201820
Gustav BourammanMinnesota Wild
Gustav LinstromAnaheim Ducks
Gustav OlhaverDetroit Red Wings
Gustav OlofssonSaint-Louis Blues
Hampus MelenLos Angeles Kings
Harry ZolnierczykFloride Panthers
Hayden HawkeyBoston Bruins
Henri IkonenFloride Panthers
Henri JokiharjuToronto Maple Leafs201727
Henrik HaapalaNew York Islanders
Henrik SamuelssonNew Jersey Devils
Henrik SedinBuffalo Sabres
Henrik ZetterbergMinnesota Wild
Hudson ElynuikDetroit Red Wings
Hugh McGingOttawa Senators2018148
Hugo FagerblomCaroline Hurricanes
Hunter DrewDetroit Red Wings2018187
Hunter SmithEdmonton Oilers
Ian MitchellWinnipeg Jets201783
Ian ScottEdmonton Oilers201788
Igor ShesterkinMinnesota Wild
Igor ShvyrevBoston Bruins2017133
Iiro PakarinenWinnipeg Jets
Ilkka PikkarainenDallas Stars
Ilya SamsonovAnaheim Ducks
Ilya SorokinColumbus Blue Jackets
Isaac RatcliffeNew Jersey Devils201730
Isac LundestromNew York Rangers201830
Ivan ChekhovichColumbus Blue Jackets2017169
Ivan ChukarovDallas Stars
Ivan FedotovPittsburgh Penguins
Ivan LodniaNew York Rangers201770
Ivan MorosovTampa Bay Lightning
Ivan NalimovDetroit Red Wings
Ivan ProsvetovFloride Panthers2018121
Jack AdamsBuffalo Sabres2017153
Jack BadiniToronto Maple Leafs201795
Jack BeckerMontreal Canadiens
Jack DoughertyBoston Bruins
Jack DruryOttawa Senators201855
Jack GloverDallas Stars
Jack GorniakWinnipeg Jets2018143
Jack HillenSan Jose Sharks
Jack KopackaFloride Panthers
Jack LafontaineWashington Capitals
Jack McBainFloride Panthers201859
Jack RathboneNew York Islanders2017111
Jack SadekToronto Maple Leafs
Jack StudnickaOttawa Senators201771
Jackson HouckSaint-Louis Blues
Jackson PerbixNew York Rangers2018123
Jacob Bernard-DockerNew Jersey Devils201835
Jacob BrysonFloride Panthers2017112
Jacob CederholmBoston Bruins
Jacob FriendBuffalo Sabres
Jacob InghamNew Jersey Devils2018190
Jacob JacksonCaroline Hurricanes
Jacob JosefsonLos Angeles Kings
Jacob McGrewChicago Blackhawks2017164
Jacob MiddletonEdmonton Oilers
Jacob MoverareLos Angeles Kings
Jacob OlofssonWinnipeg Jets201850
Jacob PetersonDallas Stars2017139
Jaden LindoWinnipeg Jets
Jake BeanColumbus Blue Jackets201615
Jake EvansVancouver Canucks
Jake KucharskiSaint-Louis Blues2018213
Jake KupskyCaroline Hurricanes
Jake LeschyshynVancouver Canucks201769
Jake MassieDallas Stars
Jake OettingerMontreal Canadiens201715
Jake PattersonBuffalo Sabres
Jake PivonkaChicago Blackhawks2018116
Jake RyczekMontreal Canadiens
Jake WalmanFloride Panthers
Jake WiseWinnipeg Jets201863
Jakob RagnarssonFloride Panthers201867
Jakob StenqvistDetroit Red Wings
Jakob StukelFloride Panthers
Jakov NovakMinnesota Wild2018176
Jakub GalvasDetroit Red Wings2017160
Jakub LaukoNew York Rangers201861
Jakub NakladalBuffalo Sabres
Jakub SkarekNashville Predators
Jakub ZborilWinnipeg Jets
James De HaasChicago Blackhawks
James GreenwayCaroline Hurricanes
James LodgeBoston Bruins
Jamie ArnielVancouver Canucks
Jamie PhillipsMinnesota Wild
Jan DrozgNashville Predators
Jan HejdaFloride Panthers
Jan JenikAnaheim Ducks
Jan KostalekVancouver Canucks
Jan MursakVancouver Canucks
Janne JuvonenDallas Stars
Jannik HansenFloride Panthers
Jansen HarkinsBoston Bruins
Jared CowenPittsburgh Penguins
Jared FieglSan Jose Sharks
Jared McIsaacMontreal Canadiens201834
Jared MoeEdmonton Oilers2018194
Jaret Anderson-DolanBoston Bruins201733
Jarome IginlaSan Jose Sharks
Jaromir JagrColumbus Blue Jackets
Jarred TinordiCaroline Hurricanes
Jarret TyszkaCaroline Hurricanes2017124
Jason ChimeraToronto Maple Leafs
Jason KasdorfCaroline Hurricanes
Jason LabarbaraSan Jose Sharks
Jason RobertsonColumbus Blue Jackets201737
Jasper WeatherbyNew York Rangers201894
Jay McClementToronto Maple Leafs
Jay O'BrienVancouver Canucks201829
Jayce HawrylukWinnipeg Jets
Jedd SolewayWinnipeg Jets
Jeff ZatkoffBuffalo Sabres
Jens LookeEdmonton Oilers
Jeremiah AddisonWinnipeg Jets
Jeremy BraccoBoston Bruins
Jeremy DaviesColumbus Blue Jackets
Jeremy GregoireDetroit Red Wings
Jeremy LauzonBoston Bruins
Jeremy MorinFloride Panthers
Jeremy RoyMinnesota Wild
Jeremy SmithPhiladelphie Flyers
Jeremy SwaymanMinnesota Wild2017118
Jermaine LoewenNew York Rangers2018216
Jesper BoqvistDallas Stars201750
Jesper EliassonNew York Rangers201892
Jesper LindgrenDetroit Red Wings
Jesper PetterssonOttawa Senators
Jesper SellgrenBuffalo Sabres2018177
Jesperi KotkaniemiMontreal Canadiens20184
Jesse GabrielVancouver Canucks
Jesse GrahamMinnesota Wild
Jesse JoensuuLos Angeles Kings
Jesse JoensuuOttawa Senators
Jesse YlonenNashville Predators
Jett WooOttawa Senators201845
Jiri HudlerSan Jose Sharks
Jiri PateraCaroline Hurricanes2017154
Joachim BlichfeldNew York Rangers
Joakim AnderssonDallas Stars
Jocktan ChaineyBoston Bruins2017192
Joe ColborneDallas Stars
Joe VelenoNew York Rangers201817
Joe WegwerthBoston Bruins
Joel DaccordDetroit Red Wings
Joel FarabeeEdmonton Oilers201815
Joel HoferBoston Bruins2018109
Joel VerminEdmonton Oilers
Joey DudekCaroline Hurricanes
Joey HishonFloride Panthers
Joey KeaneOttawa Senators201886
Joey LaleggiaVancouver Canucks
Joffrey LupulToronto Maple Leafs
Johan SodergranDetroit Red Wings2018164
John DahlstromVancouver Canucks
John LeonardDallas Stars2018181
John McCarronMinnesota Wild
John MitchellSan Jose Sharks
John NybergEdmonton Oilers
John PerssonMinnesota Wild
John RamageNew York Rangers
John St. IvanyMontreal Canadiens2018118
John-Michael LilesSan Jose Sharks
Jonah GadjovichNew York Rangers201740
Jonas AnderssonDallas Stars
Jonas JohanssonWinnipeg Jets
Jonas RondbjergEdmonton Oilers201786
Jonas SiegenthalerPittsburgh Penguins
Jonatan BerggrenAnaheim Ducks
Jonathan DahlenNew York Islanders
Jonathan DuganMinnesota Wild2017127
Jonathan GrudenNew Jersey Devils201897
Jonathan KovacevicBuffalo Sabres201778
Jonathan MacLeodOttawa Senators
Jonathan RacineMinnesota Wild
Jonathan WalkerMinnesota Wild
Jonathon BlumOttawa Senators
Joni IkonenToronto Maple Leafs201736
Joni TuulolaLos Angeles Kings
Jonne TammelaPhiladelphie Flyers
Jonny TychonickOttawa Senators201853
Joona KoppanenLos Angeles Kings
Joonas LyytinenVancouver Canucks
Jordan BinningtonChicago Blackhawks
Jordan CaronDallas Stars
Jordan HarrisAnaheim Ducks
Jordan HollettEdmonton Oilers2017177
Jordan KooyCaroline Hurricanes2018196
Jordan SambrookNew York Rangers
Jordan SzwarzSan Jose Sharks
Jordin TootooColumbus Blue Jackets
Joren Van PottelbergheFloride Panthers
Joseph AndersonNew York Islanders
Joseph WollBoston Bruins
Josh AndersonNew Jersey Devils
Josh BrookLos Angeles Kings201754
Josh BrownNew York Islanders
Josh EssVancouver Canucks2017202
Josh GorgesSan Jose Sharks
Josh HardingPhiladelphie Flyers
Josh JacobsFloride Panthers
Josh MahuraWinnipeg Jets
Josh NorrisNew York Rangers201726
Josiah SlavinPittsburgh Penguins2018197
Judd PetersonCaroline Hurricanes
Juho LammikkoChicago Blackhawks
Julien NantelEdmonton Oilers
Julius BergmanNew Jersey Devils
Julius NattinenDallas Stars
Julius VahataloPhiladelphie Flyers
Jussi RynnasMontreal Canadiens
Justin AlmeidaArizona Coyotes
Justin HachéDallas Stars
Justin KeaPhiladelphie Flyers
Justin SchutzOttawa Senators2018179
Justus AnnunenPittsburgh Penguins201860
Juuso ValimakiToronto Maple Leafs201717
Jyrki JokipakkaFloride Panthers
K'Andre MillerChicago Blackhawks201823
Kaapo KahkonenWinnipeg Jets
Kale ClagueFloride Panthers
Karch BachmanDetroit Red Wings
Karel VejmelkaCaroline Hurricanes
Kari LehtonenToronto Maple Leafs
Karlis CuksteToronto Maple Leafs
Kasper BjorkqvistTampa Bay Lightning
Kasper KotkansaloLos Angeles Kings201784
Keaton EllerbyLos Angeles Kings
Keaton MiddletonChicago Blackhawks
Keaton ThompsonEdmonton Oilers
Keegan KolesarToronto Maple Leafs
Keith BallardMinnesota Wild
Keith PetruzzelliCaroline Hurricanes201746
Kelly SummersVancouver Canucks
Kenton HelgesenFloride Panthers
Kerby RychelPhiladelphie Flyers
Keven StenlundCaroline Hurricanes
Kevin BahlNew Jersey Devils201856
Kevin BieksaNew York Islanders
Kevin KleinOttawa Senators
Kevin MandoleseCaroline Hurricanes2018144
Kevin PorterNew Jersey Devils
Kevin PoulinOttawa Senators
Kieffer BellowsDallas Stars201616
Kiril MaksimovColorado Avalanche
Kirill KaprizovVancouver Canucks
Kirill MarchenkoNew York Islanders201843
Kirill UstimenkoBuffalo Sabres2017100
Klim KostinNew Jersey Devils201735
Kody ClarkChicago Blackhawks201854
Kole LindChicago Blackhawks201744
Konstantin VolkovDetroit Red Wings
Kris VersteegChicago Blackhawks
Kristers GudlevskisToronto Maple Leafs
Kristian OldhamMinnesota Wild
Kristian VesalainenNew York Rangers201723
Kristopher FoucaultVancouver Canucks
Kurtis GabrielOttawa Senators
Kyle CapobiancoPhiladelphie Flyers
Kyle JenkinsNew Jersey Devils
Kyle OlsonNew Jersey Devils2017115
Kyle PetitOttawa Senators
Kyle QuinceySaint-Louis Blues
Kyle SchemppSan Jose Sharks
Kyle WilsonLos Angeles Kings
Kyle WoodVancouver Canucks
Lance BoumaOttawa Senators
Lane ZablockiDallas Stars201793
Lauri KorpikoskiOttawa Senators
Lauri PajuniemiBoston Bruins2018140
Leland IrvingEdmonton Oilers
Lenni KillinenEdmonton Oilers201896
Leon GawankeNew York Islanders2017141
Liam DundaPhiladelphie Flyers
Liam FoudyCaroline Hurricanes201836
Liam GormanDetroit Red Wings2018151
Liam HawelNew Jersey Devils2017120
Liam KirkArizona Coyotes
Liam ReddoxFloride Panthers
Linden VeySan Jose Sharks
Linus ArnessonLos Angeles Kings
Linus CronholmNew Jersey Devils2018128
Linus HogbergNew York Rangers
Linus KarlssonDetroit Red Wings201889
Linus SoderstromArizona Coyotes
Linus WeissbachToronto Maple Leafs2017181
Logan CockerillLos Angeles Kings2017204
Logan HutskoVancouver Canucks201891
Logan NelsonCaroline Hurricanes
Logan StanleyPhiladelphie Flyers
Lucas CarlssonPittsburgh Penguins
Lucas JohansenChicago Blackhawks201619
Lucas LessioMinnesota Wild
Ludwig BystromEdmonton Oilers
Lukas DostalBoston Bruins201876
Lukas ElvenesEdmonton Oilers201787
Lukas JasekDetroit Red Wings
Lukas KasparFloride Panthers
Lukas VejdemoWinnipeg Jets
Luke GreenPittsburgh Penguins
Luke HenmanWinnipeg Jets2018112
Luke JohnsonDetroit Red Wings
Luke MartinNew Jersey Devils201765
Luke OpilkaMontreal Canadiens
Luke StevensBuffalo Sabres
Mac HollowellCaroline Hurricanes2018114
MacKenzie EntwistlePhiladelphie Flyers201779
Mackenzie BlackwoodWinnipeg Jets
Mackenzie MacEachernSaint-Louis Blues
Mackenzie SkapskiDallas Stars
Mackenzie StewartMontreal Canadiens
Magnus ChronaSaint-Louis Blues2018186
Magnus HellbergNew York Islanders
Maksim SushkoSaint-Louis Blues2017129
Malte SetkovDetroit Red Wings201799
Manuel WiedererOttawa Senators
Marc-Andre GragnaniPhiladelphie Flyers
Marc-Antoine PouliotLos Angeles Kings
Marco RoyDallas Stars
Marcus DavidssonLos Angeles Kings201743
Marcus HögbergCaroline Hurricanes
Marcus KarlbergPhiladelphie Flyers201882
Marcus PettersonPhiladelphie Flyers
Marcus VelaOttawa Senators
Marcus WestfaltNew York Islanders2018167
Marek HrivikNew York Rangers
Marian GaborikNew Jersey Devils
Marian StudenicLos Angeles Kings2017144
Mario FerraroVancouver Canucks201760
Mark CundariSaint-Louis Blues
Mark FayneSan Jose Sharks
Mark FraserSan Jose Sharks
Mark FriedmanWinnipeg Jets
Mark KaticLos Angeles Kings
Mark MancariLos Angeles Kings
Mark ShoemakerSaint-Louis Blues
Mark VisentinFloride Panthers
Markus NurmiCaroline Hurricanes
Markus PhillipsBoston Bruins2017102
Markus RuusuWinnipeg Jets
Markus SobergLos Angeles Kings
Martin EratSaint-Louis Blues
Martin FehervaryWinnipeg Jets201881
Martin HavlatPhiladelphie Flyers
Martin KautMontreal Canadiens201818
Martin PospisilSaint-Louis Blues2018124
Martins DzierkalsPhiladelphie Flyers
Mason GeertsenSaint-Louis Blues
Mason McDonaldOttawa Senators
Mason RaymondBuffalo Sabres
Mat ClarkCaroline Hurricanes
Matej PaulovicMontreal Canadiens
Matej PekarNashville Predators
Matej TomekBoston Bruins
Mathias FromDetroit Red Wings
Mathias LaferriereBuffalo Sabres2018126
Mathieu JosephChicago Blackhawks
Matia MarcantuoniDallas Stars
Matt BrassardBuffalo Sabres2017200
Matt CareyVancouver Canucks
Matt CarknerFloride Panthers
Matt CookeVancouver Canucks
Matt DonovanPhiladelphie Flyers
Matt HalischukPhiladelphie Flyers
Matt RoySan Jose Sharks
Matt SchmalzMontreal Canadiens
Matt StajanSan Jose Sharks
Matt TomkinsNew York Islanders
Matt UstaskiOttawa Senators
Matt ZabaFloride Panthers
Matteson IacopelliDallas Stars
Matthew BerkovitzChicago Blackhawks
Matthew CairnsChicago Blackhawks
Matthew CorrenteFloride Panthers
Matthew DeblouwBuffalo Sabres
Matthew FinnFloride Panthers
Matthew PhillipsVancouver Canucks
Matthew SpencerToronto Maple Leafs
Matthew StromeCaroline Hurricanes201764
Matthew VillaltaOttawa Senators2017101
Mattias ElfstromNew Jersey Devils
Mattias SamuelssonDetroit Red Wings201837
Max GildonMinnesota Wild201767
Max ReinhartFloride Panthers
Max ZimmerNew Jersey Devils
Maxim LapierreVancouver Canucks
Maxim LetunovCaroline Hurricanes
Maxime LajoieEdmonton Oilers
Maximilian PajpachFloride Panthers
Maxwell WilmanToronto Maple Leafs
Merrick MadsenMontreal Canadiens
Michael BuntingEdmonton Oilers
Michael CammalleriColumbus Blue Jackets
Michael ClarkeOttawa Senators
Michael DiPietroNew York Rangers201753
Michael DowningPittsburgh Penguins
Michael EyssimontNew York Islanders
Michael KaplaDetroit Red Wings
Michael KesselringWinnipeg Jets2018174
Michael LeightonLos Angeles Kings
Michael McLeodCaroline Hurricanes201613
Michael MerschVancouver Canucks
Michael PrapavessisCaroline Hurricanes
Michael RasmussenNew Jersey Devils20177
Michael RyanFloride Panthers
Michael RyderMinnesota Wild
Michael SgarbossaNew York Rangers
Miguel FidlerWinnipeg Jets
Mikael HakkarainenPhiladelphie Flyers2018141
Mikael WikstrandVancouver Canucks
Mike BlundenOttawa Senators
Mike FisherSan Jose Sharks
Mike RibeiroSan Jose Sharks
Mike RobinsonBuffalo Sabres
Mike SgarbossaNew York Rangers
Mike WeberSaint-Louis Blues
Mike WilliamsonPhiladelphie Flyers
Mikhail BerdinVancouver Canucks
Mikhail GrabovskiSan Jose Sharks
Mikhail GrigorenkoPhiladelphie Flyers
Mikhail VorobyovNew York Islanders
Mikko KoskinenLos Angeles Kings
Mikko KoskinenToronto Maple Leafs
Mikko VainonenNew York Rangers
Milan KloucekPhiladelphie Flyers2018203
Milos RomanVancouver Canucks2018122
Miro AaltonenOttawa Senators
Miro HeiskanenDallas Stars20173
Miro KarjalainenPhiladelphie Flyers
Miroslav SvobodaEdmonton Oilers
Miska KukkonenBuffalo Sabres201895
Mitch CallahanToronto Maple Leafs
Mitchell DempseyVancouver Canucks
Mitchell HoelscherFloride Panthers2018183
Mitchell StephensBoston Bruins
Mitchell Vande SompelMinnesota Wild
Morgan BarronWinnipeg Jets2017173
Morgan EllisDallas Stars
Morgan FrostVegas Golden Knights
Morgan GeekieNew York Rangers201757
Nail YakupovSan Jose Sharks
Nate SchnarrEdmonton Oilers201785
Nathan BastianPittsburgh Penguins
Nathan HortonMontreal Canadiens
Nathan NoelOttawa Senators
Nic KerdilesPhiladelphie Flyers
Nicholas BokaBoston Bruins
Nicholas CaamanoBuffalo Sabres
Nick CampoliMontreal Canadiens2017180
Nick EbertEdmonton Oilers
Nick HenryToronto Maple Leafs201766
Nick JohnsonSaint-Louis Blues
Nick LeivermannNew York Islanders2017201
Nick PastujovNew York Islanders
Nick SorensenWinnipeg Jets
Nick SpalingLos Angeles Kings
Nick SuzukiColorado Avalanche
Nicklas JensenNew York Islanders
Nicklaus PerbixBoston Bruins2017162
Nicolas BeaudinNew York Rangers201821
Nicolas HagueNew York Rangers201728
Nicolas KerdilesMontreal Canadiens
Nicolas MagyarNew York Islanders
Nicolas MattinenCaroline Hurricanes
Nicolas MelocheBuffalo Sabres
Nicolay ProkhorkinDetroit Red Wings
Nikita GusevDetroit Red Wings
Nikita NesterovWinnipeg Jets
Nikita NikitinPhiladelphie Flyers
Nikita PavlychevCaroline Hurricanes
Nikita PopugaevNew York Islanders201751
Nikita TryamkinCaroline Hurricanes
Niklas GrossmanSan Jose Sharks
Niklas HanssonVancouver Canucks
Niklas NordgrenNashville Predators
Niklas SvedbergLos Angeles Kings
Niklas TikkinenDallas Stars
Niko MikkolaBuffalo Sabres
Nikolai ChebykinDetroit Red Wings
Nikolai KovalenkoNew York Islanders2018136
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenCaroline Hurricanes
Nikolas KobersteinOttawa Senators
Nils LundkvistMontreal Canadiens201833
Noah CarrollPhiladelphie Flyers
Noah CatesFloride Panthers2017142
Noah DobsonPhiladelphie Flyers201810
Noah GregorNew York Rangers
Noah RodOttawa Senators
Nolan DeJongPittsburgh Penguins
Nolan StevensNew York Rangers
Nolan VeseyPittsburgh Penguins
Oleg SosunovPittsburgh Penguins
Oliver KylingtonToronto Maple Leafs
Oliver WahlstromToronto Maple Leafs20188
Olivier RodrigueVegas Golden Knights
Olle Eriksson-EkBoston Bruins201797
Olle LycksellPhiladelphie Flyers2017175
Olli JuoleviWinnipeg Jets20167
Olof LindbomBoston Bruins201847
Ondrej PavelecToronto Maple Leafs
Oscar BackArizona Coyotes
Oscar MollerDallas Stars
Oskar SteenNew Jersey Devils
Oskari LaaksonenDallas Stars2017109
Oskars BartulisLos Angeles Kings
Ostap SafinBoston Bruins201791
Otto KoivulaNew York Rangers
Otto SomppiNew York Islanders
Owen TippettToronto Maple Leafs
Parker WotherspoonBoston Bruins
Pascal LabergeTampa Bay Lightning
Patrick BartosakNew York Islanders
Patrick BrownPittsburgh Penguins
Patrick Daly Floride Panthers
Patrick HolwayNew York Rangers
Patrick KudlaNew York Rangers
Patrick MaroonNew York Rangers
Patrick SanvidoPittsburgh Penguins
Patrick SharpChicago Blackhawks
Patrick SheaDetroit Red Wings
Patrik EliasMinnesota Wild
Patrik SiikanenDetroit Red Wings2018160
Patrik VirtaVancouver Canucks2017196
Paul MartinMontreal Canadiens
Pavel DatsyukNew York Islanders
Pavel KoltyginOttawa Senators2017186
Pavel KravkovshyCaroline Hurricanes
Peter HarroldLos Angeles Kings
Peter ThomeMontreal Canadiens
Petr StrakaCaroline Hurricanes
Petrus PalmuEdmonton Oilers2017190
Petter GranbergCaroline Hurricanes
Petter HanssonNew York Rangers
Petteri LindbohmPhiladelphie Flyers
Philipp KurashevMinnesota Wild2018110
Philippe DesrosiersCaroline Hurricanes
Pierre EngvallCaroline Hurricanes
Pierre-Alexandre ParenteauSan Jose Sharks
Pierre-Olivier JosephNew York Rangers201725
Pontus HolmbergBuffalo Sabres2018146
Pontus SjalinFloride Panthers
Quentin ShoreCaroline Hurricanes
Quinton HowdenToronto Maple Leafs
Radel FazleevMinnesota Wild
Radovan BondraPittsburgh Penguins
Raman HrabarenkaVancouver Canucks
Raphael BussièresWinnipeg Jets
Raphael DiazSaint-Louis Blues
Rasmus AsplundMinnesota Wild
Rasmus BodinBuffalo Sabres
Rasmus DahlinToronto Maple Leafs20181
Rasmus KupariWinnipeg Jets201819
Rasmus RissanenMinnesota Wild
Rasmus SandinMontreal Canadiens201822
Reid DukeNew York Rangers
Reilly WalshToronto Maple Leafs2017103
Reilly WebbFloride Panthers2017172
Reto BerraDallas Stars
Rich CluneVancouver Canucks
Richard BachmanSaint-Louis Blues
Richard NejeezchlebNew Jersey Devils
Riku HeleniusPittsburgh Penguins
Riley BarberLos Angeles Kings
Riley BruceSaint-Louis Blues
Riley DamianiVegas Golden Knights
Riley HughesFloride Panthers2018214
Riley StillmanNew Jersey Devils
Riley StottsFloride Panthers201890
Riley SutterBoston Bruins201878
Riley TufteNew York Rangers201629
Rob KlinkhammerPittsburgh Penguins
Robbie RussoDallas Stars
Robbie StuckerNew York Rangers2017208
Robby FabbriBoston Bruins
Robert BaillargeonDallas Stars
Robin KovacsNew York Rangers
Robin NorellDetroit Red Wings
Robin PressMontreal Canadiens
Robin SaloToronto Maple Leafs201741
Robyn RegehrMontreal Canadiens
Roman WickDallas Stars
Roope LaavainenOttawa Senators2017148
Ross ColtonDallas Stars
Rudolfs BalcersNew York Islanders
Rushan RafikovPittsburgh Penguins
Ruslan IshkakovAnaheim Ducks
Ryan CarterVancouver Canucks
Ryan CollinsOttawa Senators
Ryan CulkinVancouver Canucks
Ryan GarbuttVancouver Canucks
Ryan GravesCaroline Hurricanes
Ryan JohnstonLos Angeles Kings
Ryan KujawinskiChicago Blackhawks
Ryan MacInnisDallas Stars
Ryan ManthaPhiladelphie Flyers
Ryan McGregorNew Jersey Devils2017185
Ryan McLeodCaroline Hurricanes201841
Ryan MerkleyNew York Rangers201812
Ryan O'ReillyMontreal Canadiens2018111
Ryan OlsenBoston Bruins
Ryan PilonDallas Stars
Ryan PoehlingDallas Stars201719
Ryan RehillDetroit Red Wings
Ryan RupertNew York Rangers
Ryan SegallaWinnipeg Jets
Ryan SheaNew Jersey Devils
Ryan StoaPhiladelphie Flyers
Ryan ThangDallas Stars
Ryan WhitePittsburgh Penguins
Ryan ZuhlsdorfLos Angeles Kings
Ryane CloweMinnesota Wild
Saku MaenalanenNew York Rangers
Saku SalminenDallas Stars
Sam CarrickToronto Maple Leafs
Sam HentgesLos Angeles Kings2018192
Sam LaffertyChicago Blackhawks
Sam SteelMontreal Canadiens
Sampo RantaMontreal Canadiens201866
Samuel Dove-McFallsOttawa Senators
Samuel ErssonVegas Golden Knights
Samuel HoudeCaroline Hurricanes2018134
Samuel KurkerLos Angeles Kings
Samuel MontembaultSaint-Louis Blues
Samuel WalkerDallas Stars2017199
Santeri SaariBoston Bruins
Santeri VirtanenDetroit Red Wings2017116
Sasha ChmelevskiEdmonton Oilers2017170
Scott HartnellEdmonton Oilers
Scott KosmachukWinnipeg Jets
Scott PerunovichAnaheim Ducks
Scott ReedyWinnipeg Jets2017113
Scott WalfordDallas Stars201790
Scott lehmanFloride Panthers
Scottie UpshallPittsburgh Penguins
Sean BergenheimDallas Stars
Sean DayMinnesota Wild
Sean DurziBoston Bruins201849
Sebastian CollbergBuffalo Sabres
Sebastian RepoDallas Stars2017187
Sebastien AhoToronto Maple Leafs
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevNew York Islanders201880
Sergei GoncharVancouver Canucks
Sergei PlotnikovOttawa Senators
Sergey KalininOttawa Senators
Sergey TolchinskyLos Angeles Kings
Sergey ZborovskiyPhiladelphie Flyers
Serron NoelFloride Panthers201828
Seth HelgesonChicago Blackhawks
Shane BowersOttawa Senators201739
Shane HarperLos Angeles Kings
Shane O'BrienPhiladelphie Flyers
Shawn BoudriasDetroit Red Wings2018154
Shawn HorcoffSan Jose Sharks
Shawn LalondeEdmonton Oilers
Shawn MatthiasEdmonton Oilers
Simon BourquePittsburgh Penguins
Simon DespresFloride Panthers
Simon GagneMinnesota Wild
Simon JohanssonArizona Coyotes
Simon KjellbergMontreal Canadiens2018173
Skyler Brind'AmourPittsburgh Penguins2017158
Skyler McKenzieEdmonton Oilers2017183
Slava DeminColumbus Blue Jackets201879
Slava VoynovToronto Maple Leafs
Spencer AbbottSaint-Louis Blues
Spencer MachacekDallas Stars
Spencer SmallmanNew York Rangers
Spencer StastneyEdmonton Oilers2018132
Spencer WatsonDetroit Red Wings
Stanislav GalievSaint-Louis Blues
Stefan MeyerDallas Stars
Stepan FalkovskyEdmonton Oilers
Stephane Da CostaPittsburgh Penguins
Stephen DesrocherDetroit Red Wings
Stephen GiontaNew Jersey Devils
Stephens JohnsNashville Predators
Stephon WilliamsWinnipeg Jets
Steve OttSan Jose Sharks
Steve WagnerDallas Stars
Steven HodgesFloride Panthers
Steven JohnsonMontreal Canadiens
Steven LorentzEdmonton Oilers
Steven RuggieroPittsburgh Penguins
Stuart PercyNew York Rangers
Stuart SkinnerArizona Coyotes
T.J. BrennanMinnesota Wild
T.J. HensickOttawa Senators
T.J. TynanVancouver Canucks
Tanner FaithSaint-Louis Blues
Tanner LaczynskiOttawa Senators
Tanner RichardDallas Stars
Tarrmo ReunanenVancouver Canucks
Taylor BeckLos Angeles Kings
Taylor CammarataDetroit Red Wings
Taylor ChorneyPhiladelphie Flyers
Taylor RaddyshNew York Rangers
Teddy PurcellPhiladelphie Flyers
Theodor BluegerPhiladelphie Flyers
Thomas (Chase) PerryOttawa Senators
Thomas Di PauliPhiladelphie Flyers
Thomas NovakWinnipeg Jets
Thomas SchemitschDallas Stars
Thomas SpellingToronto Maple Leafs
Tim BerniLos Angeles Kings2018169
Tim ErixonToronto Maple Leafs
Tim GleasonPittsburgh Penguins
Tim SoderlundPittsburgh Penguins2017128
Timothy BoyleMontreal Canadiens
Timothy GettingerEdmonton Oilers
Timothy LiljegrenNew Jersey Devils201716
Tobias GeisserDetroit Red Wings2017117
Todd BurgessCaroline Hurricanes
Tom GilbertSan Jose Sharks
Tom SestitoBuffalo Sabres
Tomas HykaBuffalo Sabres
Tomas KopeckyVancouver Canucks
Tomas KubalikWinnipeg Jets
Tomas KundratekColumbus Blue Jackets
Tomas VincourSaint-Louis Blues
Tommy WingelsNew York Rangers
Toni UtunenDallas Stars2018119
Travis MoenFloride Panthers
Trent FredericNew York Rangers
Trenton BourqueSaint-Louis Blues2017189
Trey Fix-WolanskyOttawa Senators2018210
Troy GrosenickWinnipeg Jets
Troy JosephsOttawa Senators
Ty DellandreaMontreal Canadiens201816
Ty EmbersonToronto Maple Leafs201883
Ty RonningOttawa Senators
Ty SmithNew York Rangers201811
Ty TaylorMontreal Canadiens2018204
Tye McGinnFloride Panthers
Tyler BensonToronto Maple Leafs201626
Tyler BirdNew York Islanders
Tyler CumaSaint-Louis Blues
Tyler GaudetPhiladelphie Flyers
Tyler InamotoWinnipeg Jets2017143
Tyler LewingtonDetroit Red Wings
Tyler MaddenChicago Blackhawks201885
Tyler MoyDetroit Red Wings
Tyler NanneChicago Blackhawks
Tyler ParsonsWinnipeg Jets
Tyler SoyColumbus Blue Jackets
Tyler SteenbergenNew Jersey Devils2017125
Tyler TuckerBuffalo Sabres2018188
Tyler VeselNew Jersey Devils
Tyler WallNew York Rangers
Tyler WeissLos Angeles Kings201899
Tyler WotherspoonDetroit Red Wings
Tyrell GoulbournePhiladelphie Flyers
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenToronto Maple Leafs201745
Urho VaakanainenFloride Panthers201722
Vaclav KarabacekCaroline Hurricanes
Valeri VasilievLos Angeles Kings
Vasily GlotovVancouver Canucks
Veeti VeinoBoston Bruins
Veini VehvilainenBoston Bruins2018171
Victor BartleyMinnesota Wild
Victor BerglundChicago Blackhawks2017194
Victor BrattstromPittsburgh Penguins2018166
Victor OlofssonMinnesota Wild
Victor OreskovichDallas Stars
Viktor LoovNew York Islanders
Viktor StalbergBuffalo Sabres
Ville HussoLos Angeles Kings
Ville PokkaNew York Rangers
Vitali AbramovColumbus Blue Jackets
Vitek VanecekPhiladelphie Flyers
Vladislav GravikovBoston Bruins
Vladislav KaraBuffalo Sabres2017140
Vladislav YeryomenkoSaint-Louis Blues2018182
Vojtech BudikPhiladelphie Flyers
Wade AllisonWinnipeg Jets
Wiley ShermanEdmonton Oilers
Will BittenLos Angeles Kings
William BorgenNew York Islanders
William LagessonSan Jose Sharks
William LockwoodMinnesota Wild
William Worge-KreuDetroit Red Wings2018191
Willie MitchellMinnesota Wild
Wouter PeetersChicago Blackhawks
Wyatte WylieSaint-Louis Blues2018155
Xavier BernardMontreal Canadiens2018107
Xavier BouchardMontreal Canadiens2018142
Yakov TreninCaroline Hurricanes
Yan-Pavel LaplanteMontreal Canadiens
Yann SauveOttawa Senators
Yegor KorshkovBoston Bruins
Yegor RykovPhiladelphie Flyers
Yegor ZaitsevEdmonton Oilers2017207
Zach BoychukToronto Maple Leafs
Zach FischerNew Jersey Devils2017147
Zach NastasiukPittsburgh Penguins
Zach SanfordNew York Islanders
Zach SenyshynNew York Rangers
Zachary BouthillierBuffalo Sabres2018175
Zachary EmondCaroline Hurricanes2018165
Zachary FucalePittsburgh Penguins
Zachary GallantBuffalo Sabres201780
Zachary LauzonDallas Stars201755
Zachary LeslieVancouver Canucks
Zachary NagelvoortSaint-Louis Blues
Zachary PochiroBuffalo Sabres
Zachary StepanMontreal Canadiens
Zane McIntyreCaroline Hurricanes
Zbynek MichalekToronto Maple Leafs
brodie dupontLos Angeles Kings
carl sneepLos Angeles Kings
cedrick desjardinsSaint-Louis Blues
greg mauldinVancouver Canucks
jeff frazeePhiladelphie Flyers
luca caputiLos Angeles Kings
mark dekanichVancouver Canucks
nathan oystrickLos Angeles Kings