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Teams And General Manager Information

Team Name General Manager City Arena Farm Team Name Last File Load Date Team Page
Anaheim DucksJoel BourqueAnaheimHonda CenterPortlandLink
Arizona CoyotesMathieu ArenaHerseyLink
Boston BruinsDaniel BouletBostonTD Banknorth GardenProvidenceLink
Buffalo SabresMichel PepinBuffaloHSBC ArenaRochesterLink
Calgary FlamesPascal RiouxCalgaryPengrowth SaddledomeQuad City25 février 2018 at 09:26Link
Caroline HurricanesEric LaperiereCarolineRBC CenterAlbany29 octobre 2014 at 22:29Link
Chicago BlackhawksStratos KalafatisChicagoUnited CenterRockford Icehogs26 mars 2018 at 15:32Link
Colorado AvalancheAndrew BeerColoradoPepsi Center iceLake Erie6 octobre 2017 at 13:49Link
Columbus Blue JacketsEric BeausoleilColumbusNationwide ArenaSyracuse15 avril 2018 at 16:23Link
Dallas StarsEmmanuel BrunelleDallasAmerican Airlines CenterIowa6 mai 2018 at 14:41Link
Detroit Red WingsJean AllaireDetroitJoe louis ArenaGrand Rapids4 mai 2018 at 09:20Link
Edmonton OilersMarco BourqueEdmontonRexall PlaceSpringfield30 mars 2018 at 08:03Link
Floride PanthersSebastien CournoyersFlorideBank Atlantic CenterRochester10 mai 2018 at 19:15Link
Los Angeles KingsMatthieu RouxLos AngelesStaples CenterManchester5 mai 2016 at 23:22Link
Minnesota WildCarl BeausoleilMinnesotaXcel Energy CenterHouston15 avril 2018 at 16:23Link
Montreal CanadiensThierry PigeletMontrealCentre BellHamilton6 mars 2018 at 23:01Link
Nashville PredatorsChristophe LandryNashvilleSommet CenterMilwaukeeLink
New Jersey DevilsSamuel BourqueNew JerseyPrudential CenterLowell10 mars 2018 at 10:58Link
New York IslandersDavid FisetBrooklynNassau ColiseumBridgeportLink
New York RangersFrancois BeaulieuNew YorkMadison Square GardenHartfordLink
Ottawa SenatorsTim GaudreauOttawaScotia BankBinghamton25 février 2018 at 09:27Link
Philadelphie FlyersMarc-Andre GirardPhiladelphieWachovia CenterPhiladelphie6 mars 2018 at 23:01Link
Pittsburgh PenguinsRoger HachePittsburghMellon ArenaWilkes Barre7 mai 2014 at 21:26Link
Saint-Louis BluesMichel LetarteSaint-LouisScottbankPeroria25 janvier 2018 at 20:47Link
San Jose SharksYves martelSan JoseHP PavilionWorchester27 novembre 2016 at 09:19Link
Tampa Bay LightningFrancis BourqueTampa BayST Petes Times ForumNorfolkLink
Toronto Maple LeafsDanny LaroseTorontoAir Canada CenterToronto2 mars 2016 at 10:17Link
Vancouver CanucksFrederic JannelleVancouverGeneral Motors PlaceManitoba28 mai 2018 at 13:40Link
Vegas Golden KnightsAnthony BourgouinVegasT-Mobile ArenaFarm Team 32Link
Washington CapitalsYannick BaronWashingtonVerizon centerHersheyLink
Winnipeg JetsSébastien ProulxWinnipegMTS CenterChicago6 octobre 2017 at 11:21Link

Pro Coaches

Coaches Name Team Name PH DF OF PD EX LD PO CNT Age Contract Salary

Farm Coaches

Coaches Name Team Name PH DF OF PD EX LD PO CNT Age Contract Salary

Available Coaches

Coaches Name PH DF OF PD EX LD PO CNT Age Contract Salary
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